Hurricane Sandy Destruction

Posted by Yonatan (New York, United States) on 6 November 2012 in Cityscape & Urban.

It has been 8 days since Hurricane Sandy dealt a major blow of destruction to a large part of the East Coast. My apartment building in Manhattan just regained power two days ago, however, we are still without heat, hot water, and elevator service. As I write this my water has been turned off again (hopefully they will switch it back on soon). Unfortunately my computer suffered a power surge during the storm and after replacing the power supply it wasn't running quite right. I am currently in the midst of reformatting the computer and doing a clean install of all my software. Hopefully I'll be up an running from that point of view in a day or two, and hopefully I'll have some heat and hot water to go along with a fully functional computer! In the meantime, processing and posting new pictures will obviously be delayed.

The three hospitals that I work at have been evacuated with timelines to reopen projected in the 4+ weeks range. My colleagues and I have been dispersed to other hospitals to care for our patients that were evacuated. It is definitely an interesting time in New York City, especially below 42nd Street.

My wife has become active with her organization helping to coordinate large donations to those New Yorker's who have been hit much harder than we have and I will have the opportunity to volunteer my photography enthusiasm to capture the event so that her marketing department can use the material for future fund raising. I am looking forward to the challenge of capturing all of the emotion at that event.

With all that said, the picture above shows one of many downed trees scattered throughout the city. The street that you are seeing is the same street in my previous picture which was completely flooded and you will noticed the cars that are turned sideways. Unfortunately, sea water does not mix well with cars, and those vehicles remained in the middle of road for a few days until tow trucks got around to moving them out.

For my friends on Aminus3, please know that I have been enjoying your pictures immensely even though I have not had the time to give you feedback. I hope you are all doing well.

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Olympus E-5
1/160 second
ISO 800
54 mm (35mm equiv.)

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