Hurricane Sandy

Posted by Yonatan (New York, United States) on 2 November 2012 in Miscellaneous.

I've been absent from Aminus3 recently because of a busy work schedule and more recently because of the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. This photo was taken on Sunday evening as the storm surge devasted lower Manhattan. This picture was taken from within my apartment, in the kitchen, to be precise. I had to keep the windows closed for safety reasons, but I think this two second exposure shows the night scene well.

I decided to present this scene as a diptych to help everybody focus in on the devastation. In the bottom left of the frame you can see 23rd Street in Manhattan (this is a very eastern part of the 23rd St. as you can see the East River in this photo). The second shot below, is the same frame, just heavily cropped to help show the cars that are almost completeley submerged in water. Across from 23rd Street is a public pool which was empty prior the storm surge, and as you can see in these two photos is now filled to the top.

We have been without power and hot water (intermittently without any water) since Monday evening, and my wife and I just relocated to my in laws place in Brooklyn while we wait for services in our neighborhood to be restored. My first shower since Monday was wonderful and it's nice to not have a cell phone signal and a power outlet to charge it.

Over the next little while I'll be showing some more scenes from Hurricane Sandy. I hope that everybody else that was affected made it out safely and is coping well with the destruction and loss of property.

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