NYC - View from 27th Floor

Posted by Yonatan (New York, United States) on 30 May 2011 in Cityscape & Urban.

My friend Mike invited my wife and I to his apartment for drinks on the evening of 5/29/11. They live in a building which allows them access to the roof, 27 floors up. Of course I brought my camera and took a few pictures.

This photo was taken from a building located on Lexington Avenue and 24th Street. This the view looking is looking west towards Madison Square Park.

I just purchased the Olympus E-5 and I decided to bracket some frames to create an HDR of this scene. My older camera, the Olympus E-5 would only allow me to bracket a total of three frames, making HDR shots a bit of work. The E-5 fortunately let's me bracket up to 7 frames which makes the task of image acquisition much easier and less time consuming.

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1/60 second
ISO 250
14 mm

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