Turquoise Droplet

Posted by Yonatan (New York, United States) on 18 October 2010 in Abstract & Conceptual.

The weather is still nice outside, but in preparation for the winter I decided to start playing with some indoor photography projects. I've thought about trying droplet photography for a while and finally it was time to give it a shot.

My setup was quite rudimentary, but it worked. I used a turquoise box slightly larger than a shoe box (all the color in this picture is natural...nothing was added in post besides sharpening and noise reduction). I punctured a whole in the top middle and placed a 10mL syringe filled with water. I was able to squeeze out individual droplets of water or droplets at different rates by pressing the plunger w/ varying pressures. I used a desk lamp to illuminate the scene and an off camera speedlight w/ a diffuser to freeze the scene. The biggest issue was focusing, but this was handled by using a small piece of lined paper held in the approximate plane of the droplets. I focused on the lines and then hoped I was correct.

For this shot my aperture was f/4.0. My macro lens can open up to f/2.0, but since focusing was difficult I decided to give myself a little more leeway. I'm not sure if my shutter speed was excessive and I will need to experiment more in the future. It seemed as if I couldn't get crisp shots slower than 1/3000, but I'll have to play around more to see.

The flash's recycle time was really the limiting factor in these shots. I need to figure out some other lighting techniques so that I could get away without needing flash.

If you have any critiques or advice please send it my way.

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Olympus E-510
1/4000 second
ISO 100
100 mm (35mm equiv.)

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