New York City Cab in Motion

Posted by Yonatan (New York, United States) on 3 May 2010 in Transportation.

Depending on when you read this I am either in Sweden, on way to New York, or back home unpacking all of my stuff! This was another picture taken shortly before I left NYC for Sweden.

After saying goodbye to my family, my fiancee and I enjoyed a nice walk back to her apartment. On the way home, she decided to pop into a shoe store. I happily waited outside and played around with my camera.

I would really love some critique and advice with this shot, as it is something that I would like to execute better next time.

For this shot, I dragged my shutter slightly as I wanted to show motion in this shot. In hindsight, I probably would have been better off with a faster shutter so as to keep the cab sharp, and to pan with it to blur the background. I think that I tried this, but I wasn't getting a good result. What do you think?

Since I'm back in NYC and summer is upon us I will try to retake a more successful version of this shot. Any and all input from you would be great!

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Olympus E-510
1/15 second
ISO 400
50 mm

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