Lisa at "Grill"

Posted by Yonatan (New York, United States) on 23 April 2010 in People & Portrait.

Sadly, Lisa has left to go back to New York. After being "stranded" in Stockholm because of the volcanic ash she managed to get an earlier flight yesterday morning.

This photo is from her first day in Stockholm. Since dinner is expensive (entrees start at about 24 dollars and climb higher quickly) we went to a restaurant for a nice lunch. The restaurant is called grill and you guessed it, it's a barbeque restaurant. The cool part about the place is that each section of the restaurant has a completely different decor. We sat in the plush and sultry section adorned with red curtains and tapestries, elaborate tablecloths, and lingerie sporting mannikins. The food was delicious, buffet style with many wonderful salads to accompany the meat. I would definitely recommend this place for lunch if you are in Stockholm. Don't come here for dinner unless you are ready to spend 40+ dollars on an entre.

For this photo I used my speedlight set to bounce the flash off of the ceiling with the small white reflector attached to fill in her face and provide some nice catch lights. Since I wanted to make sure I captured the ambient light of the room and all the dark red colors I set the flash to slow sync. In this setting, the flash fires as soon as the shutter opens, but the shutter remains open longer allowing the ambient to come in and more properly expose the background. Since I didn't have my tripod with me, nor do I think the restaurant would have appreciated me setting it up, I made sure to hold the camera as steady as possibly to reduce blur in this 1/4" exposure.

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Olympus E-510
1/4 second
ISO 400
15 mm

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