Royal Palace Sprint Diptych

Posted by Yonatan (New York, United States) on 20 March 2010 in Sport & Recreation.

When I first arrived in Sweden I was reading a tourist info packet covering some of the highlights going on in the next few months. I took mental note of the Royal Palace Sprint, a cross country skiing race which takes place on and around the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Of course, by the time I returned from the Arctic Circle I had forgotten all about the event. I missed the opening ceremony and I had trouble finding out the actual time of the race. I assumed that it was during the day and that I would miss it since I had to be at work in the hospital.

I left work a little bit early and checked out the Jewish Museum in Stockholm. I was then headed to the Photography Museum when I heard a loudspeaker. I quickly realized that I was just in time for the race. Over 10,000 people were gathered around the Royal Palace to cheer on the athletes. The route was really cool, especially since I had walked around the area a week or two prior. The authorities actually laid down snow on the side walks and up the stairs to the Royal Palace. Each race lasted several minutes. In the end, a Swedish woman won and a Russian male won.

I decided to go with a diptych to try and show the setting of the race as best I could. It was fun trying to photograph the athletes. For most shots I put the camera in shutter priority mode and continuous focus. I found using the continuous focus challenging and a bunch of shots were not focused. Trying to get some nice shots of this event really helped me to appreciate how difficult a sports photographer's job is.

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