Roger the astronomer

Posted by Yonatan (New York, United States) on 26 February 2010 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

I have hinted to my upcoming expedition recently, but as you are looking at this picture and reading this post, I am either in the air or have recently landed in Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm will be my temporary home until the beginning of May. My medical school has been very generous and has given me the opportunity to work and learn in a Swedish hospital, the Karolinska Institute.

Before I start working in the hospital, I have a wonderful adventure planned. I will be spending 6 days in northern Sweden, 250km north of the Arctic Circle, skiing, dogsledding, spelunking, and hopefully taking pictures of the Aurora Borealis. I am extremely excited for my little adventure!

I probably will not have internet access until I return to Stockholm and get to work in the hospital, but please be assured that I will be taking tons of photos and updating this blog as soon as possible.

Now, let's talk briefly about this picture: As my previous two posts, this picture was taken on the same evening. Roger is pictured here, sitting with his telescope. The telescope has GPS built into it, but the process of getting it aligned with the sky takes some time. Thanks to the clouds, alignment was not easy since stars were hard visualize. While waiting for Roger to align the telescope, I set up for a couple long exposure shots of him and the telescope. Here is one of my favorites. I have one other that I really liked, and I'll have it post soon, so that my blog does not stay completely quiet while I am having my adventure in the Arctic Circle.

Stay tuned for an onslaught of Sweden pictures!

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Olympus E-510
8 seconds
ISO 200
15 mm

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